Summer Styling with Select Fashion

Hello all you lovely people,

I’m back with another styling post. I love reading these and looking through other people’s blog posts and photos. They are so much fun to write and I love styling the pieces as well. This post is in collaboration with Select Fashion who kindly gifted me these items to have and style.

It feels a little strange to be styling and buying pieces for the summer as we are still in lockdown. But, as restrictions are slowly being lifted and you are able to leave the house for more than your daily allowance days out to the park or to see friends are inevitable. And I am a firm believer in looking good and wearing what you want when you want. You don’t need to be buying these pieces for a big event, a simple trip down to your local Tesco will do. I sure have had a few too many stares when I’ve worn more ‘stylish’ outfits to pop to the shops, but that hasn’t stopped me wearing them.

I am in love with all the different trends that are coming back into fashion this year and have found myself dipping into several different ‘trends’ such as athleisure, tie dye, oversized tee’s and cycle shorts and dad trainers. I don’t tend to have a specific ‘style’ and I enjoy dipping into a range of different styles based on my mood and where I’m going. I’ve styled 4 different outfits below and linked the different pieces I chose from Select Fashion. I’ve also tried to find the links to my own pieces, some of the items were bought in markets in Hong Kong. I’ve tried to find similar pieces online for you.

Ibiza Pool Party
I am eagerly waiting for the restrictions to be removed from flying and when it’s safe to fly, I’ll be heading straight to Ibiza. I chose this washed black ripped oversized denim jacket as it is a wardrobe staple. Denim jackets will never go out of fashion, they are so easy to style and chuck on over any outfit. I think they make cute day dresses look grungy especially when paired with Doc Martens. I styled this denim jacket over a zebra print bikini and paired it with a simple silver padlock necklace and sunglasses for that super casual but funky look. Zebra print is so in right now and is such a cool print. I got this jacket in a size 14 so it was super oversized on me and I love it, I could of ordered in a 16 as well for an even more oversized fit. I will carry this into the autumn/winter months as well and pair with graphic jumpers or hoodies and jeans.

Day Festival

Again, I am an avid lover of day parties. There is something so nice about dancing to good music, being with your friends and enjoying the sunshine. When the day parties start up again I will be wearing this green zip front utility playsuit to one of the first events I go to. Playsuits are such an easy but effective piece of clothing. You don’t have to worry about matching your tops to bottoms and they make for outfit choosing so much easier. The only downside is you’ve got to get naked to go to the loo… This playsuit gives me massive army vibes due to the colour and collar which is something that I love. I paired it with my Doc Martens, this super cute cow print bag (old topshop that they unfortunately don’t sell anymore) and these two toned blue and green ray bans. Unfortunately, these sunglasses were a Hong Kong market special and I can’t really find anything similar to them apart from these RayBans which are a whopping £80… I ordered this in a 10 and it fit me perfectly, I always think these playsuits look so much better when they are well fitted, they can look frumpy if they’re too big on you.

Picnic in the Park

This is where you will see my style changing. The other two pieces I picked were some very girly, frilly tops. Sage and green is making a come back this year and I have seen countless pieces in Zara in sage and green which is why I picked this sage button front waffle puff sleeve top. It is also reminiscent of the milkmaid top vibe. I paired this top with these gorgeous pearl sunglasses and a white denim skort for that girly and sweet vibe. I think that green looks so nice with white and screams summer to me.

Baby Blue Dreams

The final item I chose was this sea salt broderie tie front crop top. I don’t have many blue clothes so really wanted to expanded my collection and I’m so glad I picked it. The broderie detailing is so sweet and adds some really nice detail to the top. I paired mine with some black mom jean shorts and my padlock necklace again for a more grungier look. You could definitely pair with a white skirt/shorts as well for a more girly look as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and liked seeing how I have styled these pieces. Let me know which one was your favourite below.

Cally x

*Disclaimer – Some of these items were gifted to me by Select Fashion, however, my views and thoughts are my own*

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