Summer Styling with Milly Grace

Hi everyone, 

I haven’t posted in a while and I thought I’d come on here and write a jewellery styling post for you all. Now, I’ve worked with Milly Grace in the past but I can hand on heart say that they are my favourite jewellery brand ever. 

Milly Grace is a London based independent jewellery brand with a vision to create timeless and classic collections. Their pieces are so beautiful and include some very funky, fun aspects as well, such as their wild thing collection. Their aim is to create pieces that on-trend yet timeless, meaning we can wear them all year round. I’m tired of buying jewellery that wont be in style next year and Milly Grace is the way forward. 

Another thing I love about the brand is that they are an eco-conscious brand that looks for different ways to reduce their impact on the environment. All of their 925 Stirling silver is recycled and packaged in responsibly sourced FSC certified recyclable packaging which is great news. I’m all for brands trying to make a difference, reducing heir waste and supporting the environment. 

So a here’s a little bit about Milly Grace. The brand was founded by Emily only a few months ago, in March 2020, and it’s so exciting seeing them grow and develop so quickly! The team consists of a close knit group of friends Emily, Holly Goodall (graphic designer) and Lena Brandstrom (social media manager). 

I was kindly approached by the girls as they wanted to gift me some pieces from their Wild Thing collection. I chose the Orbit Layered choker and the Sun Dial Pendant necklace and was kindly given the gorgeous Centerline hoops as well. 

The Orbit Layered choker (£32.00) consists of two dainty chains coupled together to wrap around the neck to create a gorgeous, minimalistic look. This is a great base piece to use when layering as it’s so simple yet elegant. It looks great on its own or paired with a slightly longer pendant necklace as well.

The Sun Dial pendant (£45.00) was created to resemble the gorgeous, strong sun rays as light radiates off the edges. A necklace created for sun worshipers, which I clearly am as I’m currently sat in the sunshine in my garden writing this blog post. This piece is so beautiful with the small delicate chain and the stunning pendant. It makes for another great layering piece and when paired with the Orbit Layered choker creates the most beautiful look on your décolletage. Again, both of these pieces can be worn on their own as well if you are wanting a more simple look. 

The Centerline hoops (£32.00) are so unique, I don’t have anything similar to them in my collection which is why I adore them so much. They are a minimal, geometric alternative to the classic hoop design. They have a small ledge that goes under your earlobe and make every outfit complete. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little review and styling post that I’ve written. Please take a look at Milly Grace and their gorgeous jewellery. They have some really beautiful and unique pieces that will really elevate your jewellery collection. 


Cally x

*Disclaimer- I was gifted these items to celebrate their Wild Things launch but was not asked to write a blog post. All views and opinions are my own* 

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