Where have I been?

Well hello everyone. It’s been a while to say the least. I haven’t written a blog post in quite a few months and I lost my mojo with it…. but here I am, sat in my living room writing again. I’ve actually really missed sitting down and compiling a blog post together, taking photos, editing it all and publishing it so alas, I am back!

I’ve been away for a while so I thought I’d write about what I’ve been doing and where I have been. Last year I decided to partake on a a career change. If you’ve read my blog before or follow me on social media my main job was being a primary school teacher and I have always blogged as a hobby. However, last year I really started thinking about what I really want to do in life and where I saw myself headed, both in my career and life. I decided to hand in my resignation early last year (Easter time) and started exploring my other options. As I had a love for blogging and social media I began looking for internships in marketing and social media management. I was actually pretty shocked to find that most internships are so badly paid and some don’t pay at all! I didn’t leave my job with another job/internship confirmed which some people were shocked by but I’ve always been pretty laid back about that sort of stuff.

I accepted an unpaid internship with a high fashion shoe company and found an online tutoring job to pay my bills until I came across an ad on Instagram. This was with a company I had collaborated with before as a blogger, Joe & Sephs. It was a very last minute application, I only had a few hours to send over my cv which was very rushed, but I managed to get a call back. After a long chat on the phone I was invited to their head office for an interview where I had to present my planning for a winter consumer show. This was all very new to me as I have no training whatsoever in formal marketing and didn’t really have a clue what big organisations do. All I was confident in was marketing myself as a brand via Instagram and my website which is very different to how a company does it!

I was offered the internship and started work the following week. It was a vey exciting and surreal time of me as teaching is all I have ever known. I worked there for 3 months and learnt a hell of a lot in such a short space of time. I worked on some very big events like ‘BBC Good Food’, ‘Spirit of Christmas’ and ‘Taste Festive’. I really enjoyed my time there but found myself missing being with children and working in a school.

With the QVC after my live segment.

As my internship ended, I decided not to stay at the company and come back to teaching. Again, I had left this pretty late, my internship finished on the 22nd December and I had to find myself a job for the January start. Luckily, I had found a few schools that were close to me and applied away. I’ve always been very lucky with my interviews and managed to get offers for all three schools I applied to!

I started working at one of the schools the following week and have been teaching since then. Alas I know it’s only been a few months but I have really fallen back in love with teaching. I felt a little lost last year and was questioning whether it was what I could see myself doing for the next few years but I’m glad I’ve come back into teaching. I am loving it, although it has been very different having to teach remotely.

Sorry this has been a very rambly blog post but I just wanted to start writing again. I hope you are all keeping well and safe.


Cally x

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