A summer explosion with A Pony Called Steve

Hello everyone,

I have been so bogged down with returning to work that I’ve taken a step back from my blogging but I’ve decided I need to set out a few hours every week to dedicate to my blog.

I have recently collaborated with a fantastic company called A Pony Called Steve and decided to really work on cutting down on using products that aren’t vegan and don’t test on animals. So I’m always look out for brands and companies that share the same ethos as myself. 87EF2424-FCC9-401B-A6B9-B321ED6A8352.JPG

When they contacted me asking if I wanted to trial their products I quickly looked on their website and read that almost all of their products are vegan bar the solid perfumes, because they contain bees wax, and bath fizz, which contain milk powder. All their products are handmade in the UK which is fantastic, I love supporting small independent brands. A Pony Called Steve never test on animals which is another thing that we all need to work on as so many great brands don’t test on animals now.

As I was looking through all their products I couldn’t help but notice all the gorgeous scents they had on offer. I loved how unique they were and I took ages to decided which scents to try. I finally chose honeyed raspberry which is described as ‘the most delicious sweet and summery scent’  and this definitely came across when I smelt it. The blend of sun ripened raspberries and strawberries was poignant whilst sitting on a floral base of rose with a subtle hint of honey, definitely something that I could envisage myself using in the shower. The other scent that I chose was pink lemonade which was illustrated as a combination of zesty lemons and juicy, fresh strawberries sitting on top of a base of bubbly prosecco and pink grapefruit. Both of these scents scream summer and just what I needed after my lovely holidays. Yes, I still am trying grasp onto whatever I can that reminds me of the summer months.

The soap bar and hand wash will transform your bathroom into a tropical explosion of gorgeous scents and it certainly whisked me back to Bali. The soap bar is a mere £4.85 whilst the hand wash is £8.00, great prices for well thought out and hand made products. Both products work beautifully, the soap bar lathers up really nicely when you use it and the hand wash leaves your hands smelling ever so sweet.

I love everything about A Pony Called Steve, their whimsical scents and gorgeous packaging result in a dreamy collection. Head over to their website to look through more of their goodies.

I was kindly given a discount code for you to use on their website and it is lovecally10. Happy shopping lovelies.



Disclaimer: I got sent these products in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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