Destination Skin

After recently attending the opening of the new Destination Skin clinic in Liverpool Street I was given a free facial. I met the lovely Nishi and watched her get a lovely facial.  I however, decided to opt out of getting the facial during the event and chose to come back and have it another time.

5FCB0CB0-F95C-4EC4-94D1-522F6FAB3E10.JPGI booked into the clinic and headed into Shoreditch to get to the clinic. I arrived a few minutes before my appointment and filled out a form with my details, skin concerns, if I’ve been using any glycolic acid on my face or not and so on. After returning the form the therapist quickly chose the products that suited my skin and my problem areas. I had noted down that I was unhappy with my skin due to a recent breakout in the hopes that they could help it in the slightest.

Kat was so lovely and she made me feel so comfortable throughout the facial. She talked me through each stage thoroughly and constantly checked how I was feeling and how my skin was feeling. She noted my breakout and suggest that it was only hormonal and that she would be using a resurfacer to help minimise the scaring and spots. She ran me through the facial in lots of detail and made me feel at ease with having my first resurfacer.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetShe started by double cleansing my face to make sure any make up or skin care left on my skin. This was really relaxing and calming. Kat removed the cleanser with warm cloths and then started to prepare my skin for the resurfacer. She covered my eyes to protect them from any of the liquids she was using on my face.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetKat then used a prep lotion on my face. This was probably the worst part of the facial as it didn’t smell the nicest and it stung a little. However, it’s really important to do this because it makes sure your skin is ready for the resurfacer. It removes all extra oil and grease in your skin and changes the pH of your skin and absorbs the resurfacer better. 531001A5-8294-4603-902E-142C7A2138AB.JPG

Kat carefully covered my eyebrows, lips and nose area with the medical barrier cream to just protect the more sensitive areas of my face. She then used the refresh peel on my face. I had this on my face for ten minutes and Kat constantly checked on how my skin was and if it was uncomfortable or not. It tingled a little bit but it wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. Kat applied the neutralizer to my skin to help remove the resurfacer and to calm and soothe my skin which felt so nice after the resurfacer. 5DBFC55F-48BB-44FB-85DC-B7C2A6FC8C1C.JPG


She doubled cleansed my face again and then put on a relaxing firming mask. This made my skin feel so soft and supple after the more harsh products were used. She finished the facial by applying SPF 50 to my face to make sure my skin wouldn’t burn in the sun. She stressed the importance of using an SPF on my face and staying out of the sun as the skin that was underneath was delicate so I did not want to burn it. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I really enjoyed my time at Destination Skin. It’s so important you look after your skin and know what products to use on it. I am going to be going back for monthly facials to help my skin and any problems that I might have.

I hope you enjoyed reading up about my time at Destination Skin. Have you ever had a facial before? Tell me your experience with them below! I’d love to hear about it.

Love, Cally x

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