DSLR cameras. A want or need?

Hi all,

I’m back today with quite an interesting topic in the blogging community and something I’ve struggled with a little bit, which is taking photographs. This is not only of myself but of products or flat lays. I feel like I can be quite awkward in front of a camera and don’t really have the knack for posing.

As I work full time I don’t have the time to spend my days taking photos and editing so most of my content is taken at the weekends when I do have a free minute and it’s normally done on my phone as it’s quickest and easiest thing to do.  As I can’t take my photos during the week it’s hard to keep up with posting on instagram/social media which can hinder your growth as i’m not posting consistently.

When I started blogging all I had was my iPhone, taking most of my photos during the evening with artificial lighting, which doesn’t produce the best content. As I’m trying to grow my blog and develop my photography I am on the look out for a DSLR camera.

I was busy looking through different websites before coming across Latest Deals
which is a website that specialises in offers on a range of things. The section that caught my eye was the DSLR Camera section.

I don’t know that much about cameras but this website provides lots of helpful information and even has a section on how to choose a DSLR camera. One of the biggest advantages when taking photos with a DSLR is the quality of the images.

DSLR cameras have a larger image sensor which allows for a much larger pixel size as well as a faster ISO. DSLR cameras are able to change their ISO, which means the camera’s sensitivity to light, with 100 being the least sensitive and 1600 being extremely sensitive to light. Therefore giving you flexible shooting in a range of different conditions. DSLR’s are pretty adaptable as you’re able to change lenses in regards to what you want to shoot. There are so many lenses on the market such as ultra wide lenses or macro lenses.

Latest Deals has so many deals and offers on different cameras so I’m sure there is something that would be suitable for your price range and specifications. I am still in 2 minds on if I should purchase a DSLR camera and which brand to go for. The market is always growing and changing, with new products coming out regularly. What are your thoughts on this? Have you got a DLSR and is it worth it? I’d love to hear your thoughts or recommendations.

My dad really enjoys shooting with a macro lens and I’ve included some of his photography for you to look at. The detail and clarity in his pictures are so much better than mine which were taken with my iPhone X.


Photo taken with a macro lens.


Photo taken with a macro lens.


Photo taken with a macro lens.


Photo taken with an iPhone X.

Love, Cally x

8 thoughts on “DSLR cameras. A want or need?

  1. i have a dslr, a smaller mirror-less and my Samsung galaxy 7. i shoot alot with my phone and i feel i can rival what i shoot with either of the other cameras. but it lacks the versatility the other 2 have. the problem with a dslr is the size and weight which makes me use it less and why i use my little nikon J5 mirror-less as it can be just as versatile in a lighter/smaller size. it is not always the camera, but the user of the camera. good luck.
    i dont photograph well so i prefer to stay behind the lens and not in front. but the camera likes you.

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