Gradz Bakery Review

Hi everyone,

485CC468-DCA7-46B8-BD9C-04E507E8AD6C.jpgI’m so sorry it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago to review some artisan bread from Gradz Bakery. I obviously jumped to the occasion because I love bread… who doesn’t?

97F2D01D-D9BB-4DEA-A14E-C699B3366A1A.jpgMaster bakers Agnes Gabriel and Romuald Damaz have always been passionate about creating healthy, delicious recipes. They discovered a treasure of family recipes which were hand written by Agnes’s Great Grandfather and were inspired to create GRADZ Bakery to share their tradition of continental-style baking with Britain. Gradz Bakery have been hand crafting traditional breads with a modern twist since 2015. A ‘natural mother dough’ was created 15 years ago and has been the source for Gradz’s sourdough breads ensuring no starter mix or baker’s yeast is added, which makes it easier to digest and more delicious.


Gradz Bakery won last year’s World Bread Awards and has recently started supplying to Ocado, so if you’re wanting to purchase any of these you can do so via that link!

I was very excited to receive the goodie bag and was eagerly waiting for it. The goodie bag came really quickly and the courier communicated really well with me in regards to my delivery.

3BE09678-B4E4-4462-9B86-84FF57DCE9AF.jpgAnyways, to the exciting bit, what products I received… I was lucky enough to receive six.. Yes SIX whole loaves of bread. I was astounded that they were so kind to send me so much bread!

I did a little unboxing on my Instagram when I received it and the box was packaged beautifully with some white polka dotted wrapping plastic and the bread came in a lovely cream box which I’m going to keep and store my flatlay bits and pieces in.

I received the Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed Bread (£4.49 500G), Amaranth Bread (£4,49 500G), Oats and Flax Sourdough Bread (£4.49 500G), Gluten Free Dark Bread with Sunflower Seeds (£3.85 400G), Gluten Free Dark Bread with Seeds (£3.85 400G), Rye 100% with Honey (£4.49 500G).

The overall quality of all the loaves was great, you can clearly tell the difference between normal sliced bread and Gradz Bakery bread. The bread came pre-sliced which is super handy because it’s always such a hassle buying a loaf of bread to realise when you’re home that it isn’t sliced! This means there’s no faffing around if you’re in a rush in the morning to make a slice of toast.. which let’s be honest, who isn’t?

My favourite was the Amaranth Bread as it was light and fluffy and worked so well with any spreads and it was really nice when used to make a sandwich. I liked mine toasted and slathered in Nutella… but that’s just me. This got a big thumbs up from my boyfriend, Lew as well.

The Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed Bread does have with a slight green tinge to it which may seem a little off-putting at first. However, thanks to the health benefits of it I’m sure you can overlook the green colour. Spirulina is high in protein, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and many micronutrients. Chlorophyll helps to flush out toxins from the blood which can help to boost your immune system. I bought this loaf into work to share with my colleagues and there were no complaints, it was gone within minutes and everyone commented on how tasty it was.

4327B623-6A8C-4230-B5F9-0CA64AEE7975.jpgBoth the Gluten Free Dark Bread with Sunflower seeds and the Gluten Free Dark Bread with Seeds were both very similar. The loaves were sprinkled generously with seeds and were really delicious with some lovely salted butter.

Finally the Rye 100% with honey was my least favourite only because I don’t really like Rye bread but my mum loved it and took it to a friends house and they both commented on how delicious it was! I also gave my mum the Oats and Flax Sourdough loaf as well as I had so much bread at home, she was very pleased with it all and really enjoyed eating it.

I would definitely recommend Gradz Bakery, they have a lovely selection of bread and you can really tell that they’ve put their heart and soul into creating these lovely loaves of bread.

Thank you once again to Gradz Bakery for sending me these products.

Love, Cally x

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