Aqua Kyoto Review

My boyfriend and I decided to visit Aqua Kyoto a couple of weeks ago. I was scrolling through Bookatable and was looking through the Japanese restaurants to find somewhere to go. If you don’t know what Bookatable is, it’s an app and website that allows you to look through lots of restaurants and also book tables really easily so there’s no need to phone up restaurants. One of the features that the app has is that it can show you which restaurants are offering special deals.  This is where I found Aqua Kyoto and the 3 course meal they were advertising, which included a cocktail and petit four for £30, which is a fantastic deal. I’ve always heard food things about Aqua Kyoto and I love Japanese food so I was really excited to go.48678127-45e7-4c00-ba4d-992fe3be270a.jpg

We had our table booked for 6:00pm on a Saturday and the restaurant was pretty empty when we got there which was nice as we were able to enjoy our meal without having to worry about the people around us.


As we were looking through the menu a waiter brought us over our complimentary cocktails and they were delicious. I’m not a massive drinker but I do enjoy the occasional drink.

B599648C-7847-4DA3-B8DB-F2D1055DA9B9.JPGThere were 3 options for the starters:

  • Sashimi selection
  • Miso-cured trout
  • Wild seaweed salad

I decided to go for the wild seaweed salad because I’m not a fan of raw fish and the other two options were raw. Lewis opted for the sashimi selection, which I kindly turned my nose down at when he offered me some. The seaweed salad was so fresh and the crispy strands of seaweed worked perfectly with the wild seaweed.

E80764FF-D297-45C2-998A-ECF0FF28D553We also ordered some other things to ago along side our meal because let’s be honest, we love food. We ordered the edamame (£4.50), rock shrimp tempura (£16.50) and the tebasaki yaki which is grilled chicken wings (£8.00). I would definitely recommend the rock shrimp and would definitely come back just to have it again.

4EA7C7E5-701A-4673-A3A6-3A13F712E546.JPGThere were also 3 options for the mains:

  • Pork Belly
  • Cobia
  • Wild Japanese Mushroom and Chestnut Gohan

cd4f0c30-3d3c-4f49-ac45-93748ea7e695.jpgWe both opted for the Cobia, a mild fish, which was served with Japanese rice and a soy mustard glaze. I normally really like fish but this fish was served cold, which was a little odd and I’m guessing the fish was only very lightly seared because the middle was still a little too soft. I wasn’t too fussed about this though because we had quite a lot of food though so I wasn’t that hungry.D5F24B10-55DC-4438-AC9A-BC3F7BE1E3EDFor dessert there was only one option, the Aqua Kyoto Forest Floor which was yuzu shiso cream, almond praline, Azuki chocolate and sour cherry sorbet. This was presented beautifully with little pearls, twigs, little leaves and soil. It really lived up to it’s name, Forest Floor, and it was so delicious. The twigs were carefully crafted out of chocolate and melted in your mouth while the sour cherry sorbet complimented the rich chocolate flavours.025875B1-7BFA-401F-9B2E-19A29A667DC9.JPG

I really enjoyed my time at Aqua Kyoto and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. The staff were very attentive and the food was presented so well. You can obviously see that through the photos.

Have you ever been to Aqua Kyoto? Let the know what you think of it if you have. I’d love to hear what you think!

Love, Cally



2 thoughts on “Aqua Kyoto Review

  1. Delicious, my stomach is rumbling!! I personally love sashimi, but can understand why you don’t. That dessert looks like it needs to be in my belly right now x

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