It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

With December just around the corner I’ve started thinking about Christmas presents. Usually I leave everything till last minute and go on a mad shopping spree and buy a whole lot of stuff online to only find out that delivery will take a few weeks which means it won’t make it in time for Christmas. I’m determined not to let that happen this year. 

IMG_0531.JPGI was on the hunt for something to gift my sister that she could keep forever, but was also personalised and memorable. I received an email from Joshua James about a collaboration with Troll Beads. I love the idea of a charm bracelet and think it’s a lovely gift as you can keep it for life and keep adding to it. 

Troll beads were first established in 1976 and started creating and offering a wide range of beads and jewellery. You can find an extensive range of silver, glass and gold charms and jewellery to buy… perfect for all year around present buying! 

IMG_0530.JPGOn the Joshua James website there are several ‘starter’ charm bracelets for sale. These gave you the option of a ready to wear bracelet featuring one or two charms, this was the best way to start a charm bracelet. I choose the ‘Vine of Dreams’ bracelet, featuring a limited edition silver lock and bead with an abundance of hearts and flowers swirling into each other. In addition to that, it also came with 2 charms. One glass bead, which reflects violet, flower petals and traces of sparkling glitter inside and a delightful heart charm. 

To go alongside the heart and flower theme, I choose 2 other charms to add to my bracelet. I was drawn to this delicate silver wreath and a heart to heart silver bead. I’m so happy with all the charms and how the bracelet looks and can’t wait to buy more charms for it! What charms would you choose?

Use my discount code: LOVECALLY15 for 15% off all your orders!

Love, Cally

*Disclaimer – these products were sent to me to review but all opinions and thoughts are my own*

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