At home dermaplaning

I am a big fan of looking after my skin and trialling at home treatments and facials. One thing that I’ve always wanted to get done is a microdermabrasion but as I’ve been trying to save money this year I haven’t had the luxury of going. 

When instant beauty fix contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try a brow shaper I was excited to try it. This tool can be used all over your face, such as on your brows to get rid of stray hairs, if you have any unwanted facial hair or even as an at home dermaplaning tool. I’ve never tried at home dermaplaning so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. 

After doing some research I found out that dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation and allows the dead skin and vellus hairs to be removed with a sharp blade. After removing the dead skin and hair, skin care will be able to penetrate and sink into the skin better. I was a little apprehensive as I was worried about cutting my skin or damaging it with the blade. I read that you should hold the skin so it’s tight to prevent the blade catching your skin. 

After the thorough research, I felt ready to try it out. I made sure to remove all my make up with a cream cleanser and then washed my face thoroughly. I gave it a quick dry and made sure there wasn’t any water left on my face. It is so important for your face to be dry as you’ll get significantly more dead skin and peach fuzz off. The drier the skin, the better the results! 

I took my blade and began scraping my face gently with the blade pointing downwards. Make sure that you hold your skin so it is nice and tight so that you don’t catch yourself and the blade will remove all the vellus hairs that are there. It seems like a scary thing to do but the blade is small and if you’re careful and light handed you won’t have any problems. 

After dermaplaning you should use your normal facial oils or serums and you’ll notice that they sink into the skin right away. 

I really enjoyed trailing at home dermaplaning and I can’t wait to implement it into my normal routine. It’s such an easy way to look after your skin and to ensure that all your products will really sink in and work. 

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