My Favourite Trends For SS19

Fashion is one of those undeniable facts of life which you wouldn’t even be able to steer clear of if you tried. It’s everywhere; in your favourite clothing shops, on your friends and family members, and on the front page of your most visited websites.

IMG_0805.JPGThe great thing about fashion, however, is that it changes with each passing season and each year so you’ll be able to find something exciting even if you’re trying to stick with your own style. Here is a handful of the most anticipated styles for SS19 so that you can start to prepare yourself right away.

IMG_0828.JPGOversized Hats

It doesn’t matter if you love hats or not. This spring, they should be oversized and give the wearer a kind of diva-look which you’ll only top if you were to put on a pair of oversized sunglasses as well. In general, it’s good to keep in mind that 2019 is not that far away from 2020 – and you can expect to see a lot of the styles from 1920 pop back around as a celebration of the era. I’m big fan of oversized hats and I can’t wait for them to come back into style. I love being able to hide behind the large brim when I’m out and about 

Bucket hats, in particular, are also going to be quite popular. Check out these ones at, for example, and you’ll feel like you’re back in the 1920s right away. 


Suits for women have taken the world by storm and they’re definitely here to stay. It’s not just the fact that it makes it a lot easier for women to put on a work uniform as well, though, as suits are perfect for the office with their sleek lines and high-quality fabrics – they are, in fact, starting to become available in all sorts of styles.

Short suits, for example, won’t look as formal and they’re perfect for the spring as you’ll basically be putting on a more formal jumpsuit. No more matching each garment of your wardrobe,  as you can simply put on one of these and start your day.

Relaxed tailoring is also going to be popular with oversized and comfortable tailoring in suit jackets and blazers. This was very popular in Riccardo’s debut for Burberry. If you’re not that into the formal look of suits, you might want to consider one of these flowy dresses from instead. They’re much more laidback and still perfect for spring.

IMG_0828.JPGBarely-There Sandals

You probably remember the comeback of the 90’s style in 2018 but it has, luckily, not disappeared completely. In other words, barely-there sandals are not walking away from us anytime soon and you can safely slip into your minimalistic flats from last year, knowing that you’re perfectly fashionable still.

When you know about all of the new and interesting fashion styles for the coming season, spring suddenly doesn’t seem that far away. Get your wardrobe ready, clear out the mess of clothes from last year, and make room for new times instead.

IMG_0832.JPGLeopard Print Is Here To Stay

Leopard print isn’t going anywhere this season and you will see brands using a wide range of animal patterns in both neutral shades and more brighter colours this summer. For those who like their leopard print to be a little edgier go for long tunics or tailored suits with statement accessories.

Neutrals Neutrals Neutrals

Another easy way to piece together an outfit is to go with a colour palette and neutrals is the way forward for this. It gives off a certain sense of relaxed elegance when soft colours like blush, off white and oatmeal are pieced together. This colour palette is very in right now and looks sophisticated and refined look without having to break the bank.

Love, Cally x

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