Luxury Holidays – A need or want?

Travelling is not everybody’s cup of tea but if you do go travelling there are so many options available. I’ve been on my fair share of holidays and have tried both luxury holidays and hotels to budget friendly holidays. Depending on your budget it is easy to plan for both. 

However, not everybody has the luxury of going on holiday regularly and so when you do you want to make sure it is an occasion to remember. A lot of people try to hunt down budget hotels for their breaks, yet there could be some implications. You may end up spending less money on the actual accommodation, but you might spend more money on entertainment and dining, as this might not be included in your stay. 

Luxury holidays are exciting to plan and the countdown to your holiday will be hard. Whilst there are lots of luxury hotels on the market most of them will have an endless list of amenities. These hotels will provide you with the ultimate vacation. They will be situated in a stunning area and you will get to benefit from an array of fantastic facilities; from spas to golf courses. And that is without even mentioning the five-star meals that are bound to be on offer too.

But let’s begin with the excellent spa facilities luxury hotels have. When you go on holiday you want to relax. It is your perfect opportunity to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Most people will be in agreement that they barely get a minute to themselves with work, children, running errands and so on and so forth. So when you get the chance to have a holiday you really need to take advantage of this. How good does an Indian head massage sound? Or what about having a regenerating facial? Or you could go all out and have a full body salt and oil scrub? This brings the luxuriousness and relaxation to your holiday that you deserve! 

When a lot of people go on holiday they love the opportunity to indulge in the food that is on offer. For plenty, this is one of the highlights about staying in a luxury hotel. You will experience meals that will blow your mind. Just take a look at this luxury hotel by Rutland for a good example. A lot of the luxury hotels have actually won awards for their culinary offerings. You will get to taste contemporary dishes that are presented as if they are a piece of art. You can’t deny that this sounds good!

And last but not least, this post would not be complete without mentioning the fun fitness options available at luxury hotels. These hotels have state of the art fitness facilities and a lot of them even have classes you can participate in too. This includes anything from yoga to circuit training to zumba to Pilates. And let’s not ignore the fantastic golf courses situated around the UK. If you are a golf fan then a luxury hotel is the only option for you. I tend to opt for the outdoor sports myself like kayaking or wake boarding, ensuring that I’m outside enjoying the sunshine at all times. 

Love, Cally x

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