Flutter away this holiday season

As we know, Christmas is fast approaching which means an influx of parties and celebrations. I love dressing up, whether it be in dresses or Christmas jumpers. However, when it comes to my make up I love experimenting with different glitters and sparkles, whilst a full and fluffy lash is my favourite.

img_04081.jpgThere are so many lash brands out there and I’ve tried a fair few, from £2 ones off eBay to  £20 ones from Huda Beauty, yet I do not discriminate with lashes. I love shorter, natural ones for an everyday look and fluffy, longer ones for events or nights out.

If you want to buy lashes from the comfort of your own home, False Eyelashes, is a great place to do so. They stock a large range of eyelashes: from adrell, eye candy, eylure, house of lashes, Lilly lashes, peaches and cream, red cherry, SOSU lashes, velour lashes and even doll beauty lashes. I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your taste. IMG_2026

I was kindly sent over some goodies for me to try; 2 pairs of lashes, eylure eyelash glue and a pair of eyelash applicator tools. I am an avid user of the eylure lash glue and can confirm that it makes your lashes stay on all day, and night if you forget to take them off like I have before… The eyelash applicators on the other hand is something I probably won’t use as I’m used to using my tweezers and fingers to put them on. The lashes I was gifted were perfect, very full, wispy and fluffy, just what I want to wear during the Christmas period.

A few tips for applying lashes:

  • Before putting your lashes on make sure you check the sizing of them, you might need to trim the lash band to fit your own lashes.
  • I always apply mascara and liquid eyeliner on before putting my lashes on to help blend the false lashes with my real ones.
  • I apply a thin layer of lash glue and set the lashes down for a while before applying them, which allows the glue to get tacky and makes it easier to put them on!

What do you think of these lashes? Do you think they’re too full or would you wear them?

Love, Cally x

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