Flawless skin in easy to manage steps

Flawless skin is, and always will be the absolute perfect base for the rest of your makeup, and actually, it doesn’t take all that much to achieve. If you are prone to breakouts, or acne then you can chat to your doctor about possible medication options.

While it is tempting to call them hacks, it is really about paying attention and sticking to your beauty routine and seeking out the right information about your skin type. If you have been trying to tackle some specific skin problems to no avail, your best option is to check out a skin treatment clinic. Simple!

Firstly, use the steam in your bath or shower to really get the blood rushing to the skin. While the steam opens those pours and starts clearing out any dirt, use circular motions your increase the circulation. This will help your skin to heal up any damage. Extra points if you use an oil cleanser while doing this.

Charcoal. For the last few years, charcoal has been on the market for teeth and skin, but the last two has seen a massive rise in charcoal facemasks. Why is that? Well, charcoal detoxes and exfoliates, leaving super clean and smooth skin.

Stop skimping on moisture during the day. You might feel like drinking some water and using a moisturiser in the morning is all you need. You are really, really wrong. You can buy a mist, or a light cream – apply it during the day. Use a spritz or mist like Estee Lauder Set & Refresh.

Oils, essences, creams, moisturisers, and serums. It might seem like a total minefield, but really it is about finding a combination that works for you. This doesn’t mean you’re going to need to sink a lot of cash into the products, for example, The Ordinary is brilliant and affordable. If you have specific lines you want to target, then purchase the right acids and serums, if you have dry patches then find a cream to tackle that. One mask isn’t going to do everything you need, invest in a few to mix and match. Brightening masks, ones for breakouts, moisture bombs and exfoliating masks too – all have a place.

If your lips look dry, you need more water. And probably a lip scrub. The little details make a difference to your overall appearance, so take care of your lips too.

Use your sleeping time to tackle wrinkles. Overnight sleeping masks are a little bit of magic. During our sleeping time, our cells are working super hard in recovery and regeneration. Give them a helping hand with an intensive sleep mask.

Get yourself an ampoule. This is a face serum on acid. It is super high on any of the active ingredients. This is for those with hyperpigmentation, dullness or acne. They are the highest concentration and as such usually cost a little more than your average serum – but entirely worth it.

Do you have any skin care recommendations? Let me hear your thoughts down below!

Love, Cally x

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