Le Studio – Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Hello all you lovely people, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Sorry I’ve so inactive, I’ve been away on holiday in Marrakech, Morocco.

While I was there we did lots of sightseeing and one of the places that I was excited to visit was Le Jardin Majorelle, which was so beautiful. While we were there we also visited the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Yves Saint Laurent would travel to Marrakech to design his haute couture collections, which is why the museum opened, to showcase the couturier’s oeuvre in a historic building that housed the former couture house.


In the museum

As we had spent the morning exploring the beautiful Jardin Majorelle it was quite late in the day when we reached the museum. We decided to head into Cafe Le Studio, the museum’s cafe, for some lunch. The name, Le Studio, comes from Yves Saint Laurent’s workspace at 5 avenue Marceau in Paris. It evokes the calm and intimate environment where the couturier would retreat and work. 



The Café

When we arrived there we were greeted by smiley faces and choose to sit outside in the courtyard, by the fountain.

To start we shared the Assorted Moroccan salads prepared with argan oil: aubergine zaâlouk, carrots with cumin, courgettes marinated in Harissa and pumpkin with cinnamon (90 DHS/£7.11) and the Homemade burrata and vegetable tartines marinated with Atlas Mountain herbs (110 DHS/£8.68). I particularly enjoyed the homemade burrata as it was so creamy and really complemented the grilled vegetables!


Homemade burrata and vegetable tartines



Assorted Moroccan salads

Then we shared the Homemade Parmesan cheese ravioli, fresh mashed tomatoes and basil sauce (120 DHS/£9.47). This was my favourite part of the meal, it was so rich and delicious. The ravioli was well filled and the grilled tomatoes were really yummy.


Homemade Parmesan ravioli

Finally we ended our lovely meal by having the Caramelised apple tart with vanilla and salted butter caramel ice cream (80 DHS/£6.32).


Caramelised apple tart

During our meal the waiters were so friendly, polite and attentive. They were interested in where we were from and we had a lovely chat with them as we were the last ones sitting in the courtyard.

If you’re ever in Marrakech I would definitely recommend visiting the Jardin Majorelle and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. The people that worked in the museum are so friendly and really aim to provide excellent service. The food was delicious and it was a nice change to eating traditional Moroccan food. I thought that the pricing was really good, considering you were eating in the Yves Saint Laurent museum cafe!

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you ever go to Marrakech and visit these places!



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